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  1. Yasodhara Heights Construction Complete

    February 8, 2011 by Marlene Roza, Category: Audio & Video

    Construction on Yasodhara Heights is now complete. People will be moving into Cabin 3 this weekend. All that is left is landscaping this spring – Karma Yoga anyone?

    To celebrate this milestone in Ashram history, Marlene Roza shows Lightwaves around her Om Away From Home.


  2. Celebrating 55-years of Swami Radha’s Commitment

    February 2, 2011 by Swami Radhananda, Category: Audio & Video

    Fifty-five years ago, Swami Radha was initiated into Sanyas by Swami Sivananda. Today the Ashram and Radha Centres across the world paused to reflect on and celebrate Swami Radha’s commitment.

    To mark this day, we’ve pulled archival footage of Swami Radhananda speaking about Sanyas and Commitment.


  3. Meet the 2011 YDC

    January 29, 2011 by Alex Archibald and Devin Biviano, Category: Audio & Video

    On a recent Karma Yoga day, Lightwaves videographers Alex Archibald and Devin Bivano caught up with participants in the 2011 Yoga Development Course. The question we asked each person was: “What has been the highlight of the YDC so far?” Here are their responses.


  4. Swami Radhananda stepping onto the path

    January 22, 2011 by Lightwaves, Category: Audio & Video

    “I can feel part of me wanting to step onto this path, and part of me definitely wanting to stay right in the security of the known pain and darkness. It seems scary and distant, this message of change and effort, but I decide I will one Divine Light invocation a day. What can I lose?”

    Watch footage of Swami Radhananda’s January 12th public reading from Carried by a Promise.


  5. The YDC Begins, Lightwaves Changes

    January 19, 2011 by Lightwaves, Category: Audio & Video

    Clearing out the cupboards and polishing the floors:  This year’s YDC participants turn their focus inward as they work and speak of what they hope to discover about themselves during the course.

    As the YDC is coming into full swing, Lightwaves is undergoing some behind-the-scenes changes which may affect the frequency of posts.  Please bear with us as we continue our process of evolution!


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